Physical or In-Person Court Filing Services

Countrywide Process is your premier partner for legal document filing services across California, proficient in handling a variety of immediate, same-day, or next-day service requests. Our commitment to addressing any potential issues with your documents promptly while in court sets us apart in the industry. With a diverse skill set, we hold extensive experience in filing a myriad of legal documents in Federal, State, and local courts, making us a trusted name for legal professionals across the state.

Entrust your needs for court document filing, serving, and delivery to Countrywide Process, where we leverage a harmonious blend of seasoned professionals and cutting-edge technology. This synergy is crafted to optimize the court’s acceptance of filings, ensuring the prompt and reliable return of court-stamped documents and proofs of service. Our platform, tailored for those in the legal profession seeking efficiency and reliability, offers comprehensive management of all your filing requirements within a secure, singular Countrywide Process account. Additionally, the platform provides the convenience of seamlessly integrating extra services, such as service of process and courtesy copy delivery, as and when required, thereby enhancing your experience and efficiency in legal proceedings.

Done-For-You Self-Management Option
If you're looking for a convenient and efficient solution for your physical filing needs, our Countrywide Process "Done for You Service" is here to help! Kindly submit your documents to us via email, and our team of filing experts will meticulously manage your order placement. Initiate your physical court filing order at your convenience by placing your order through our secure online portal, from any location, utilizing our secure and user-friendly web-based portal. Moreover, efficiently manage orders, cases, statuses, and invoices, all consolidated in a singular platform.

Physical Filings in Indicated Counties in California

Countrywide Process provides comprehensive physical filing services throughout California. To determine which county still accepts Physical Filings see chart below. Courts are adapting e-Filing quicker than before. Please Note: This list is updated periodically. For up-to-date information, check with the local jurisdiction for accuracy. Counties marked with a + are currently e-Filing some or all case types. Click links for more info.

Rest assured of our capabilities to meet all your physical filing requirements across the diverse and expansive regions of California.

  • Routine

    Selecting our routine court filing guarantees that, upon receipt of your order by the designated cutoff time, our court runner will submit your filing to the court within three business days, ensuring the prompt and timely progression of your legal matters.

  • Priority

    Opting for our priority court filing service ensures that, if your order is received by the cutoff time, our court runner will submit your filing to the court by the following business day, enhancing the efficiency and timeliness of your legal proceedings.

  • Urgent

    Selecting our urgent physical court filing service guarantees that, you’re your order is received by the designated cutoff time, our court runner will expediently submit your filing to the court on the same day, facilitating a swift progression of your legal matters.

  • On-Demand

    Utilizing our on-demand service ensures that, if placed by the cutoff time during business hours, our court runner will submit your filing within three hours or as soon as possible, expediting your legal procedures. Post-cutoff, delivery times may vary.

For court filing orders and other court services, our deadlines are determined by two factors: 1) When the court closes and 2) The filing size of the order (# of pages). Generally, our deadline is between 1:30PM and 3:00PM Pacific Time for central courts in larger counties and between 9:00AM and 2:00PM Pacific Time for counties or branch courts in outlying areas.

*The completion times may vary for routine service level for physical court filing in some courts deemed very remote, due to weather and road conditions. As a result, standard or routine service may take longer than 3 business days. Priority, Urgent and On-Demand service levels are available options in all counties based on availability.