Process Serving

Engage with Countrywide Process for your process serving requirements and entrust your documents to be delivered across the U.S. utilizing our expansive network of professional process servers. At Countrywide Process, our team synergizes with our cutting-edge technology to ensure swift and dependable proofs of service.

Receive timely status updates until the service is consummated. Your proof of service will be dispatched directly to your designated email. Further, consolidate all your process serving prerequisites within a single, secure Countrywide Process account, with the flexibility to incorporate supplementary services such as court filings, courtesy copy deliveries, and more. For instances requiring location services, we proficiently offer skip tracing to ascertain an individual's whereabouts.

Two Convenient Ways to Place Orders

Our Countrywide Process professional intake team can place service of process orders on your behalf using our “Done For You Service”, or you can place your own order.

  • Done For You - Should you seek to conserve valuable time or desire heightened diligence for your service of process, Countrywide Process's “Done For You” service emerges as the optimal solution. Simply entrust your documents to us, and our adept process serving professionals will meticulously manage your order placement.
  • Self-Management Option - Effortlessly initiate your process serving order from any location, utilizing our secure and user-friendly online portal. Efficiently manage orders, oversee cases, monitor statuses, and handle invoices, all within a consolidated and intuitive interface. Experience streamlined management and comprehensive control at your fingertips.

Order Deadline and Cut-Off Times

For the submission of process serving orders, please be informed that our established deadline is 1:30 PM Pacific Time for orders within California. For locations outside of California, the deadline is set at 10:30 AM Pacific Time. Kindly note that orders submitted post the designated deadline will be processed as if received on the subsequent business day.

We also offer an On-Demand option for clients requiring same-day service beyond the stipulated deadline. It is imperative that Countrywide Process is promptly notified should the service necessitate completion on the same day; otherwise, the service attempt will be scheduled for the following morning (Subject to Availability).

  • Standard

    The process server will make the FIRST attempt within 3 days and will continue to make at least one attempt every third day up to 5 attempts.

  • Priority

    The process server will make the FIRST attempt the next day and will continue to make at least one attempt every other day up to 5 attempts.

  • Urgent

    The process server will make the FIRST attempt on the same day and will continue to make at least one attempt daily up to 5 attempts.

  • On-Demand

    On-Demand service is attempted within 3 hours of receipt and will continue to make at least one attempt daily up to 5 attempts.

NOTARY PUBLIC (If requested) $15.00
STAKEOUT (Per Hour – 2 hours minimum) Hourly rates are based on service in California. $95/hour
SPECIAL TIME Set up appointment/special arrangements or if you must serve on a certain day or at a certain time) See On-Demand Fee
LATE NIGHT / EARLY MORNING HOURS: (If you require a process server to be at a location between 10:00pm and 6:30am) + Base Service Fee $125.00

Process Service Excellence : Fast, Reliable, and Accessible Around the Clock with Countrywide Process

At Countrywide Process, we understand that legal needs don't follow a 9-to-5 schedule. That's why we offer 24/7 online access, allowing you to submit and track your orders anytime, from anywhere. As your dedicated legal partner, we're committed to providing fast, reliable process serving that keeps pace with your demands, ensuring the success of your legal proceedings.

Streamlined Litigation Support: Stay Connected and In Control with Countrywide Process

With Countrywide Process, you can experience the convenience of enhanced litigation support at your fingertips. Our quick and accurate service, combined with our 24/7 online presence, means you can stay connected and in control of your legal matters. Submit and track your orders with ease, and rely on our fast turnaround on proof of service to keep your legal proceedings moving smoothly towards success.

Process Server: Frequently Asked Questions

What does a process server do?+

A process server delivers legal documents such as summons, subpoenas, and complaints to individuals or entities involved in a legal proceeding, thereby notifying them of their involvement and ensuring due process of law.

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Is personal delivery the only method used by process servers?+
What is substituted service within the framework of process serving?+
What does "service by publication" mean in process serving?+
Who is eligible to work as a process server?+
How is an affidavit of service defined within the scope of process serving?+
What happens after a process server delivers the documents?+
Can anyone serve legal documents instead of hiring a process server?+
Why would engaging a process server be advantageous even if one has the capacity to serve legal documents independently?+
Disclaimer : Countrywide Process can facilitate the service of any legal document throughout the United States. However, successful service of process is not guaranteed in every instance. Additional fees may apply for services in particularly remote or rural areas, and you will be contacted prior to the progression of your order should there be any additional charges. Rates (Fees) are subject to modification at any time without prior notification. Utilization of the Countrywide Process PDF forms and/or website portal constitutes a contractual agreement. Countrywide Process shall not be held liable for amounts exceeding $100 per assignment.