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E-Filing available in these California Counties

We take pride in being a recognized Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP), a designation that guarantees you can eFile in all participating counties in California with complete peace of mind. Our service is both permissive and mandatory eFiling compliant, ensuring that your legal proceedings are carried out smoothly and without hindrance.

Developed through a keen understanding of the requirements of legal professionals, our platform embodies simplicity and efficiency in performing eFiling and eService tasks. Our commitment to adhering to the most recent eFiling standards is unwavering, all while offering our expertise at some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Our robust system, accessible around the clock, empowers attorneys, legal experts, and individuals to manage cases and associated documents with utmost ease. Whether from the tranquility of your home or the hustle and bustle of your office, accessing Proofs of Service and Conformed Copies has never been simpler. Moreover, with compatibility across desktop and mobile devices, your case management becomes a seamless part of your daily routine, accessible 24/7.

Embarking on your eFiling journey with us is straightforward: create an account today and begin placing orders in mere minutes, starting at the affordable rate of $7.95.

Presently, our e-Filing services extend across the following counties in California:

  • Alameda Superior Court
  • Calaveras Superior Court
  • Contra Costa Superior Court
  • Fresno Superior Court
  • Kern Superior Court
  • Kings Superior Court
  • Los Angeles Superior Court
  • Mariposa Superior Court
  • Mendocino Superior Court
  • Merced Superior Court
  • Monterey Superior Court
  • Napa Superior Court
  • Orange Superior Court
  • San Bernardino Superior Court
  • San Diego Superior Court
  • San Luis Obispo Superior Court
  • San Mateo Superior Court
  • Santa Barbara
  • Santa Clara Superior Court
  • Santa Cruz Superior Court
  • Sonoma Superior Court
  • Stanislaus Superior Court
  • Sutter Superior Court
  • Tehama Superior Court
  • Yolo Superior Court
  • Yuba Superior Court
  • More on the way


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