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Submit your Documents, track status, view and download documents from the convenience of your desktop, laptop or mobile device.


E-File your Documents, track, view documents status & download from the convenience of your desktop, laptop or mobile device.


Submit your Documents, track status, view and download documents from the convenience of your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Research & Retrieval

Submit your Research track status, view and download documents from the convenience of your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Courtesy Copy

Submit your Research track status, view and download documents from the convenience of your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

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Your Trusted Source for Professional Legal Services

Throughout California and beyond

Countrywide Process LLC is a professional legal service which provides unparalleled expertise backed by many years of legal experience and in-depth practice. The team along with our cutting-edge technology work endlessly to ensure that our clients get the best legal service possible.

Our expertise is a result of competent individuals molded together as a high-performance team that have vast experience with the California Court rules and the regulations and jurisdictions of the state.

Our working principles ensure that all the tasks are completed on schedule or ahead of it. In legal proceedings, time is often of the essence, and we make sure to see it as a resource that has room for no wastage. Reliability is also kept at the pedestal and most of our clients are long standing and have thus far been pleased with the service we provide.

We have a very cost-effective fee structure depending on the service needed, and additionally, one of the most competent in the market. That however does not take away from the fact that, not only do we get the job done on time, but also effectively and in a way that has no drawbacks what so ever in any sense.

Countrywide Process, LLC is a bonded, insured and registered process service company, and our belief is that every firm or a company, not just in legal, but elsewhere too, should strive to be ahead of its time. With competition so stiff and the margin for error so fractional, it becomes an absolute mandate for us that we give every client uncompromised and reliable service in order to ensure the goodwill of everyone involved. With an experienced team of people propelled by breakthrough technology, makes us one of the most competent legal professional service firms in the state. Reach out to us to find out if we can be of service to you!

 “Hence Our Name” Countrywide

Countrywide Process continues to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

We consistently aim to deliver our clients, easy to use products at the lowest rates on the market.

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Why choose us over best legal services?

Not only does it take legal expertise of the highest order and cutting-edge technology to be a modern and reliable professional legal services in Bakersfield, Los Angeles, California, it also takes a great deal of empathy and the ability to understand. By understanding what needs to be done, we help our clients with many kinds of legal
issues and can take care of yours too!

At Countrywide Process, a professional legal service firm, we respect your time as much as our own and process your file as quickly and efficiently as possible, leaving virtually little to no room for error. We also understand that with prices sky rocketing, we keep our services as competitive as reasonably possible.

We provide online tracking as well which allows you to locate and access the status and whereabouts of your documents. Client Integrity as maintained at all times upholding our virtue of privacy and confidentiality, no client’s matters are discussed with another.

These are just a few reasons why Countrywide Process LLC, a legal process service firm is reliable,
professional and can quickly adept to provide you the best legal service experience. Consult us and find out how we can properly take care of what needs to be done in your case!

What We Do

A One Stop Solution for All Your Legal Process Services

Legal processes can be tedious, time-consuming and can often turn into an ordeal without the correct set of expertise required to oversee the task. Countrywide Services LLC, is a professional legal service, licensed and registered, providing legal services to businesses. We provide online legal service for startups as well.

We offer legal services provided by professionals to assist you in filing your documents directly to the court electronically through our E-filing and E-service. Our professional registered process service company has valuable experience of maximizing the chances of acceptance and can deliver the documents quickly and efficiently.

We can also help you physically file your documents with any California Court on the same day. We can also help you place your process serving orders where one our legal experts will deliver your legal documents to the required destination.

Recording, Courtesy Copy, Research and Retrievals are also a few services that we have been providing to our clients since our inception. Countrywide Process LLC, a professional licensed legal service company has many services, we can take care of almost anything on the legal front!

Consult us by booking an appointment to find out more!

What makes us the preferred choice for our clients over others?

We have managed to gain the trust of our clients over years through our whole hearted services. A look at what makes us different from others:

  • Maintaining client integrity has been our strategy
  • Effective and transparent communication anytime
  • Quality-oriented services through accurate preparation of documents by experts
  • Client’s comfortability is our responsibility
  • Timely delivery is what we never miss
  • 24/7 online order entry and access to live order tracking

Easy to get someone on the phone. Answered my questions. Work was done quickly and they emailed me copies of filed docs. Will use them again.

Han MeeShee
Happy Customer


Their services are quick and reliable. I recommend any law firm to use them.

Teena Sanders
Happy Customer


Jack and crew have bailed me out too many times to count. Top notch service!

Robert Zeman
Happy Customer


Took the pain out of process serving, made it so easy and simple! Thanks Jack!

Christina Boland
Happy Customer

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