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  • Mass Tort
  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Physician-to-Physician
  • Medicare, Commercial, and Medicaid Risk Adjustment
  • Insurance Risk Adjustment Record Colletion
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Workers Compensation


Nationwide Record Retrieval

Countrywide Process provides Nationwide Medical Records Retrieval to our clients from. Our database contains over 98% of all major medical centers, hospitals, and insurance companies across the country. Countrywide Process has the ability and experience to provide you with the records in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Dedicated Account Managers

Our Professional Account Management team is trained to make your record retrieval process as pleasant and a worry-free experience by putting you first. Our Account Professional monitor the entire retrieval process from the initial placement of your order to the delivery of your documents by ensuring each step is on point, accurate and timely.

Real-Time Order Tracking

You have complete access to the system where you can Track your orders 24/7 and review the progress of all your orders in real time. Rest assured, knowing you will be informed and aware of the entire record retrieval process with up to the minute notes of any order at any time. Send instant messages to your Account Manager via our Tracking notes system 24/7.

Cost Containment

By using our services, you will turn those “Non-Billable Costs into Third Party Billable Expenses. The time it takes to try and tackle this task yourself will essentially cost you more time which leads to lost revenue by not doing what makes you money. You will save money and eliminate costly ordering errors, improve document quality, and allow you to order only the specific records you need. We also negotiate fees based on state statues to ensure you only pay the bare minimum for your records. In short, save time and money by using our cost cutting process!

Advanced Provider Fees

Countrywide Process will pay all upfront fees, or invoices when record providers request prepayment for records, and include those advanced costs on your final records retrieval invoice. Our goal is to save you time, money and make your experience hassle free during the records retrieval process. Our goal is to ensure you get your records in no time and continue to work with us.

Rush Requests

In a Hurry? No problem we’ve got you covered. Simply let us know and we will expedite the order to get your records as fast as possible. Our Account Managers are experts, and it doesn’t hurt that we work closely with facilities and providers and have built a great working relationship. It is standard procedure for all Rush orders to be completed timely and in most cases, ahead of schedule.

E-signature Authorizations

The Advancement of technology enables us to obtain e-signature HIPAA compliant authorizations and other documents from your clients in no time.

OCR Searchable Text

Countrywide Process utilizes advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software which delivers reliable results and lighting fast turnaround time for the documents and files it processes. Once the retrieved records are converted by the OCR software, all of the text and information contained on the documents becomes searchable. Searching vital information for multiple cases is crucial, so time is of the essence and the advanced OCR service is a necessity, while saving our clients time and money.

Customized Bates Stamping

Customized Bates stamps Improve your efficiency and organization of your records. Upon request, pagination can be customized to meet your exact needs on your medical records. Yet another way Countrywide Process helps save firms time and money.

Affidavits/Certification of Records

Countrywide Process accommodate your needs, whether you need a Certification of Records or an original notarized Affidavit of Records. All you need to do is to specify what you are in need of while you place your order, and our Account Managers will work diligently to ensure these important documents are uploaded along with your document.

100% Digital Records

You can access your completed record request orders to view, print, download and securely transfer electronic records to other parties at will. At Countrywide Process we take privacy and security very seriously. All the records in our system are stored and secured through a 256 bit encryption process ensuring safety and security.


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