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Introduction of Small Claims Court Filing Program Welcome to the small claims filing program of countrywideprocess. This program is designed to work with your state courts to Prepare, File, and Serve your small claims. Simply answer a few easy questions and your case will be Prepared, Filed and Served. Once you are done, a comprehensive review will be conducted by an expert associate to make sure that your questionnaire is accurate. Benefits

  • You can always contact countrywideprocess for case status and not the courts! This program will find your correct venue, file, and serve your complaint
  • A comprehensive review of your case is conducted by an expert associate prior to court filing.
  • If you are suing a business entity this program will find the correct agents needed to complete your complaint.

countrywideprocess Program Requirements

What You Need to Use This Program This program will ask you for the defendant's (person you are suing) information. Do not worry if you are missing key information, such as address or information on defendant's business entity. countrywideprocess will conduct the research needed to file your case correctly. No documents or any type of evidence is needed during these stages. If documents are needed, we will contact you. Keep your documents/evidences for the day of your trial. Guide

  • Be precise, brief and clear when explaining your case during countrywideprocess's questionnaires.
  • Keep your documents, evidences and statements safe for trial.
  • During the procedure, please start preparing your case by creating a timeline of events.

Select your state

State information

Welcome to the Small Claims State of <.strong> Your States Small Claims Introduction: For this state, this program establishes the correct court jurisdiction and completes all the required state documents (which include the summons and complaint) and mailed to you within 24-48 business hours. Cost for preparation is $59.

Demand Letters

Demand Letters & Small Claims In most states, a demand letter is needed prior to filing a small claims action. A demand letter basically indicates to the courts that a demand for payment has been made but defendant has failed to pay. You have satisfied the demand statues, if you have (1) written a letter to the defendant asking for payment, (2) emailed the defendant and (3) having phone conversations. If required, our paralegals will draft a custom Demand Letter tailored to your cause of action. The Demand Letter will be emailed to you for review and approval before it is mailed certified. Demand Letter option will be provided to you later during this process. Includes Certified Mailing. Benefits

  • You can use the demand letter in court as evidence. You can show it to the judge that you have asked for payment.
  • If defendant settles, simply call us and we will drop the case.

# 1: - Type

Enter Plaintiff #1 Entity Type : The plaintiff is the person or the business entity that is suing.

# 1: - Info

Enter Plaintiff #1 Info : The plaintiff is the person or the business entity that is suing. You are the plaintiff. Plaintiff Type is :Limited liability company

Guardian First Name: *

Guardian Last Name:

Minor's First Name: *

Minor's Last Name:

Email Address:


Enter Plaintiff #1 Business Address : Please enter plaintiff's address and mailing address.








Is plaintiff's business address the same as mailing address?

Other Plaintiff?

Enter Another Plaintiff? Do you have another plaintiff?

# 1: test - Type

Enter Defendant # 1 Type : The defendant is the person or business entity which you are suing.

# 1: - Info

Enter Defendant # 1 Info : The defendant is the person or organization you are suing. Defendant Type is :Limited liability company

Company Name: *

Agents Representing the Corporation

First Name:

Last Name:

Do you want us to find the Agents:

Do you want a free UCC report:

# 1: - Address

Enter Defendant # 1 Business Address : Please enter defendant's address and mailing address (if known).







Is defendant's business ddress the same as mailing address?

Other Defendants?

Enter Another Defendant? Do you have another defendant?

Claim Information

Please answer the following questions that is required by the courts.

I am suing for $

Please explain your case:

When did this occur? Was it a specific date or over a period of time?



How did you calculate the money owed?

Where did this conflict occur?

Is the defendant in the military?


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