Process Serving in Orange, San Diego, Riverside

Countrywide Process, LLC, a legal support service, based in California specializes in process serving in Orange, San Diego, Riverside. We have a team of qualified and experienced professionals who can assist with service of your documents, ranging from summons, subpoenas, bank ley’s and anything else you can think of for all our clients. As process servers, we deliver or serve these legal documents to a defendant or any party or witnesses involved in a court case of any magnitude, including opposing counsel.

The service of the papers is extremely essential, and it is imperative that they are served properly without any room for errors or delays. If papers aren’t served properly, the court will not rule on a case, particularly if they were not made aware of the proceeding in the proper manner. In the event the service is deemed improper, the entire case may be dismissed

At Countrywide Process LLC, we are dedicated to serving your documents in the most convenient, timely and efficient way to ensure that our clients do not face any sort of legal issues whatsoever. We are completely transparent and you will always be on top of what is the current status of your papers which makes us one of the most reliable and sure-to-succeed process serving services in Orange, San Diego, Riverside.

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