Courtesy Copy Delivery

Courtesy Copy Delivery Guide to All California Counties

In search of a reliable Courtesy Copy Delivery service for delivering crucial legal documents to a courthouse? Look no further, Countrywide Process specializes in printing, assembling, and delivering your courtesy copies swiftly and efficiently to the court.

Entrust Countrywide Process with your courtesy copy deliveries and experience peace of mind, knowing your legal document delivery is in capable hands, poised for timely arrival at the courthouse, contributing to the seamless progression of your legal matters.

We excel in the delivery of the most common legal documents listed below to the following counties, notably:

  • Notice of Motion
  • Stipulation and Order
  • Request for Dismissal
  • Notice of Withdrawa
  • Ex Parte Application
  • Notice of Hearing
Alameda Kern Plumas
Alpine Kings Nevada
Amador Lake Orange
Butte Lassen Sacramento
Calaveras Los Angeles San Benito
Colusa Madera San Bernardino
Contra Costa Marin San Joaquin
Del Norte Mariposa Shasta
El Dorado Mendocino Sierra
Fresno Merced Siskiyou
Glenn Modoc Solano
Humboldt Mono Trinity
Imperial Monterey Tuolumne
Inyo Napa Ventura

Rest assured of our capabilities to meet all your Courtesy Copy Delivery requirements requested with or without our E-Filing or Physical Filing Services across the diverse and expansive regions of California.

Routine Priority Urgent On-Demand
Selecting our routine guarantees that, upon receipt of your order by the designated cutoff time, our Court Runner will deliver your Courtesy Copy to the court within three business days, ensuring the prompt and timely progression of your legal matters. Opting for our priority Courtesy Copy Delivery service ensures that, if your order is received by the cutoff time, our Court Runner will deliver your document to the court by the following business day, enhancing the efficiency and timeliness of your legal proceedings. Selecting our urgent Courtesy Copy Delivery service guarantees that, you’re your order is received by the designated cutoff time, our Court Runner will deliver your document to the court on the same day, facilitating a swift progression of your legal matters. Utilizing our On Demand service ensures that, if placed by the cutoff time during business hours, our Court Runner will deliver your document within three hours or as soon as possible, expediting your legal procedures. Post-cutoff times may vary.

For Courtesy Copy Delivery orders and other court services, our deadlines are determined by two factors: 1) When the court closes and 2) The filing size of the order (# of pages). Generally, our deadline is between 1:30PM and 3:00PM Pacific Time for central courts in larger counties and between 9:00AM and 2:00PM Pacific Time for counties or branch courts in outlying areas.

*The completion times may vary for Routine level for Courtesy Copy Deliveries in some courts deemed very remote, due to weather and road conditions. As a result, standard or routine service may take longer than 3 business days. Priority, Urgent and On Demand service levels are available options in all counties based on availability.

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